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We know how overwhelming it can be finding your feet as a GP post qualification.

We have put together some useful links and information that will hopefully ease this transition.

Essential Requirements

GMC Certificate of Completion of Training Application

As you reach the end of your training (usually within the last 4 months), you will receive an email (to your GMC registered email address) from the GMC explaining how to apply for your CCT online. This is an essential requirement and applications need to be made within 12 months of your completion of training. As of 1st April 2023, the fee for this is £466. (This is tax deductable). Certificate of Completion of Training Application


Don't forget to also sign off your final ARCP form in your e-portfolio and press the 'Apply for CCT' button (usually in the last 2 months of training). The RCGP will then review the evidence and make a recommendation to the GMC regarding awarding your CCT. RCGP CCT Guidance

GP Register

To work in NHS General practice it is law that your name is listed on the GP Register. You must wait for your entry to the register before taking up employment.

Once all revelant documentation has been received and all criteria for CCT has been met, the recommendation to the GMC is usually made within 15 working days. NB: Your CCT will not be sent out earlier than 10 working days before your end of training date. You will be placed on the GP Register on the final day of your training.

Performers Lists

England and Wales have separate Performers Lists. Some of those working in Shropshire may need to be on both lists, for instance if you do Out of Hours Work you may cover Wales as well, so check carefully, as you need to be on the Performers Lists for each country you work in. 

England Perfomers List

Wales Perfomers List


There is no automatic extension to your VISA so make sure that you plan ahead and apply during your ST3 year. Many of the STW Practices will sponsor thoses on VISAs - look at the specific adverts carefully or ask the practices directly. RCGP Guide to Tier 2 Visas


Please ensure that you have appropriate indemnity in place prior to starting work and get any employments contracts checked if you are a member of a medical union.


Each year you will have an Appraisal. This is designed to be supportive, and look at your personal and profession development alongside GMC Good Medical Practice.  There are multiple toolkits available to evidence your work towards your annual Appraisal including: GP Tools, Clarity, FourteenFish.

RCGP Appraisal Guide

At the time of writing, the designated body for Shropshire is: NHS England Midlands Commissioning Region (Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire) and email contact is:


You will be required to revalidate with the GMC usually every five years. Evidence from your annual appraisals will contribute towards this. GMC Revalidation Guide

Finances & Pensions

This is by no means an exhaustive list nor should it replace professional advice! However a common topic on our First 5 WhatsApp group is finances and pensions. It can seem quite overwhelming at first and individual circumstances differ depending on whether you are a locum, salaried or partner, and of course whether you have an accountant, but as a general rule:

PENSIONS: If you are paying into the NHS Pension then you will need to complete annual certificates to send to PCSE (usually at the end of February).  This is to ensure that you are paying the correct tier for pension contributions in all pensionable roles. If you are not a type 1 GP (partner) or solely a locum you are more than likely a type 2 GP (exception is officer roles).

NHSBA GP Member Pension Guide

Guidance on how to submit to PCSE Online

NHS England Type 1 Annual Certificate Overview

NHS England Type 2 Self Assessments Video Guide

LOCUM SPECIFIC: If you are solely a locum then you don't need to do a Type 2 form. However, you must complete Locum Forms A & B. PLEASE NOTE that Locum A forms need submitting within 10 weeks of the first date on the form (date you worked) to be valid. Locum B forms need to be submitted monthly with your Locum A forms. (If you have both type 2 and locum roles you will need to add your locum income to the Type 2 form)

NHS England Locum A & B Forms Guide

GP Pensions - Completing Locum A forms in PCSE Online

GP Pensions - Completing Locum B forms in PCSE Online


TAX SELF ASSESSMENT: If for any of your earnings you are self employed (i.e not paid through PAYE) you will need to register for self assessment tax returns with HMRC. It needs to be completed each year after the end of the tax year (5th April).

HMRC Self Assessment

Medics Money Tax & Self Assessment Guide


TAX REBATE: Remember that many professional fees and subscriptions are tax deductible.

Below is a link to the Medics Money Website, there is a free finance guide to download and a tax rebate calculator.

Medics Money

Further Support

STW ICS has appointed numerous GP Leads to help support individuals/groups who may face specific challenges.

GP Leads include:

- Locum GP Champion

- Ethnically Diverse GP Lead

- Female GP Network Lead

- GP Career Breaks Lead

Please follow this link for further information

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